Product Donation Inquiries:


Shale Creek Brewing opened in February 2016.  As Franklin’s Hometown Brewery, our goal is to become a part of the Downtown Franklin landscape.  As a relatively new business, we strive to support a variety of non-profit organizations.


If you would like to request a donation from Shale Creek Brewing, please do the following.


Provide a description of your organization, name and date of event, contact person, and type of donation being requested. Also include any promotional benefits that donating will have for our business.


If Shale Creek Brewing is able to support your request, you will notified by email.  Any donations made will need to be picked up at the brewery during regular business hours.  Please do not call or visit the brewery as staff are unable to fill requests.


While Shale Creek Brewing will make every effort to support local organizations, we are unable to make a donation for every request.  As we grow, so will our charitable giving.